Marylebone High Street

Good for: Superb menswear, women’s shoes and accessories

Shop Count: 5

I won’t be the first, nor the last, to write about Marylebone High Street as a key charity shop destination. As a picturesque street flanked by high end bistros, comptoirs and every upper high street brand you can think of, the charity shops are equally impressive. Unlike most areas, however, the menswear sections almost equal the women’s in size and they are, in my opinion, much better value for money with many great labels coming in at much smaller prices than the womenswear.

I’d like to start with my favourite, Barnado’s, just slightly off the high street itself but a must-see for any bargain hunters. I find it the most reasonable in terms of pricing, and it is beautifully laid out with a separate designer section. I’ve found Iro bouclé jackets in here for a mere £30 before and it is easy enough to find both men’s and women’s designer knitwear for less than £20. As with many of the charity shops in the area, the menswear is exceptional.


Just opposite, we come to a small charity Blind Veterans UK which has the most delicious atmosphere to it. Small and cosy, you’re immediately taken back years into the past. Fittingly, there is an excellent selection of good quality vintage clothes and beautiful fur coats. The menswear is very good in terms of both ties and suits, so I would recommend searching through the racks to find top designers at rather remarkable prices.


Back onto Marylebone High Street itself, we find CancerResearch. There is a good stock of quality items, though some of it is possibly more suitable for an older crowd. The footwear, on the other hand, is superb and extremely reasonable – Charlotte Olympia for £65, NicholasKirkwood for £40, among others. They also, helpfully, have a ‘new’ section where everything is absolutely brand new and therefore in perfect condition – great for those who are only just coming round to the ‘new to me’ mantra. The accessories are also very good, leather Reiss clutch bags for only £15.

The menswear is excellent and vast, especially for shirts and jumpers which are priced extremely well and are in very good condition. Recommended for a hunt through.


Across the road we have Oxfam which is popular with many fashion students living and working in London because of its fantastic stock. I do find the prices a little inflated because of this, but the men’s section is a different story – very reasonable, indeed.

Again, the accessories such as handbags and footwear (Gucci backless fur loafers for £170!), are worth a look and often barely worn. They’re mostly found in the glass cabinets, so do make sure you take a look.

After a few charity shop visits, it would almost be rude not to grab some beautifully prepared, fresh food from NaturalKitchen. Virtuous!