Gloucester Road

Good for: an extremely pleasant charity shopping experience with beautifully presented, boutique-style stores full of designer clothes for both men and women

Shop Count: 3

In this week’s Charity Shop Guide, I head to the immensely pretty Gloucester Road, a stone’s throw away from the popular Kensington High Street and Kensington Palace Gardens. If it were a sunny day I would absolutely encourage you to get a takeaway salad from Wholefoods on the High Street and head straight for a lovely picnic on the green. Sadly, when I went, it was categorically not one of those days but the charity shops surely made up for it.

Oxfam is absolutely wonderful, beautifully organised and manned by such lovely staff. The stock is of extremely high calibre but also the most reasonable of the three shops along this stretch, though there is decidedly less of it. I picked up a beautiful Helmut Lang jumper for a mere £15, Stella McCartney pointed plaid heels for £20 and lovely &OtherStories jumper for £5.

The menswear was frustratingly good value too with a good selection of quality brands.


Trinity Hospice had a sign outside which really resonated with me, in all its simplicity: ‘We sell beautiful things for less’. As you know, this blog is all about finding those beautiful pieces made even more beautiful by their much lower price tag. And the store is absolutely full of stunning top designer pieces at reasonable prices, though perhaps fewer absolute steals than Oxfam. With that said, I bought a almost new hooded Nike Pro training top for only £9, so though the proper bargains are fewer, they do exist.

Menswear is also very good, and beautifully presented. Designer jackets, shirts, suits galore.



Again, another beautifully presented store with some great pieces. Womenswear is vast and notably, menswear is also absolutely fantastic, with its own floor (shared with a small amount of bric-a-brac) to boot.

Prices are fair, but on the upper end for pre-loved designer. It will be hard to leave without something absolutely fabulous, however.